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International student mobility: Study at the University of Veterinary Sciences Brno

At the University of Veterinary Sciences Brno students can study on a modern campus in a six-year or five-year master's programme, or in a three-year bachelor's programme which can be followed up with a two-year master's programme and, students can possibly continue to study in a doctoral study programme. Students will learn to treat and protect animals, supervise food safety or even ride a horse. The university offers perfect facilities for students.

"We have the best equipped clinics and other departments. Our students can also complete part of their studies at a university elsewhere in the world. We teach the students how to use their heads when working with animals, ensuring their protection and performing food safety inspections, through both lectures and practicals. We will prepare them perfectly for their future career. The high calibre graduates of the University of the Veterinary Sciences Brno are in demand and definitely do not have to worry about a lack of job opportunities."

Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology

The master's study program VETERINARY HYGIENE AND ECOLOGY prepares students for the profession of veterinarian with a core focus on the health and hygiene of food and raw materials of animal origin, veterinary ecology and infectious diseases of animals and epizootiology related to food and raw materials of animal origin. Graduates are awarded the title “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine”, abbreviated as “MVDr.”.

The aim of the bachelor's degree program in the field of FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY is to prepare experts at the bachelor's level in the field of technology and hygiene of food of animal and plant origin, food analysis, ecological aspects in food production, distribution and sale and also in the application of legislation, control and supervision food. The bachelor's degree program fulfills the content of European directives concerning the required education for veterinary assistants. They are qualified to use laboratory methods for the analysis and evaluation of food, especially with regard to the parameters proving the level of quality and safety of food.

The bachelor's level of education in the ANIMAL PROTECTION AND WELFARE study program is focused on obtaining broad and deep knowledge, experience and skills in the field of animal nutrition, animal husbandry, animal behavior, animal welfare conditions, including the legal aspect of animal protection. The laboratory control of animal protection and welfare is also a part of the course and teaches the students the modern methods of biochemical, haematological and molecular analysis.

Study programmes

Doctoral study programmes


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The study programme covers the entire scope of VETERINARY MEDICINE, and it is, however, strongly focused on diagnostics, therapy and prevention of diseases of various species. Studies are concluded with the state exam consisting of several partial exams from clinical subjects chosen by the student. Graduates are awarded the title “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine”, abbreviated as “MVDr.”.

English Master's Degree Study Programme


Erasmus for Incomers

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