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Photo: © Karlsuniversität Prag
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Bewerbung für ein Masterstudium der Geopolitical Studies an der Karlsuniversität Prag 2023

Geopolitical Studies is a two-year-long multidisciplinary programme offering the students a chance to learn from renowned academics and experts. The programme primarily focuses on geopolitical analysis and includes aspects of international relations theory and international law.

The programme analyses and explores various and often inter-related processes that shape global geopolitics and geoeconomics, particularly in geostrategic regions. It focuses on cutting-edge theoretical concepts. It cultivates students’ analytical skills. The programme is deliberately structured to take advantage of the multidisciplinary nature of the Institute of Political Studies (IPS) and the Faculty of Social Sciences as a whole. Students are encouraged to connect different fields of study and combine a global perspective with attention to detail and local interests. Therefore, the programme is an excellent stepping stone for both future academic and professional career.

Regular application deadline: 30. 04. 2023


For more informations visit https the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences.