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Czechia has a new president – Petr Pavel

Czechia has a new president – Petr Pavel, a former army general who has extensive experience in the military and international relations. President Pavel's inauguration ceremony took place on 9th March 2023, marking the start of his presidency.

Pavel brings with him a wealth of experience in international affairs, having served in numerous high-profile positions within the Czech military and NATO. His focus on international relations is going to be a key component of his presidency, and he has expressed a strong desire to work closely with other countries in the European Union and beyond.

During his tenure as Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Pavel played a pivotal role in the development of the alliance's strategic framework, ensuring that NATO remained a strong and capable force in an ever-changing global landscape. He was also instrumental in promoting closer cooperation between NATO and its partners, including Ukraine and Georgia.

As president, Pavel intends to continue his active engagement in international affairs, particularly in the European Union, NATO and United Nations. He believes that Czechia has a vital role to play in shaping the future of the EU, and that by working closely with other member states, the country can help to build a more prosperous and secure Europe.

Czechia is a medium-sized country with a unique location in the middle of Europe. As a result, we often have a more moderate view of the world than countries that seek to project their power. This allows us to be a significant player in shaping the international community together with our partners who share the same values as we do,” Pavel mentioned in his inauguration speech.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the inauguration of President Pavel and is confident that his extensive experience in international affairs will prove invaluable in advancing Czechia's interests on the global stage. We are particularly pleased to note his intention to be an active president abroad, working closely with our Ministry and with other countries and international organizations to promote peace, security, and prosperity for all.