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All Restrictions for Entering the Czech Republic Are Cancelled


As of April 9, 2022 there are no longer any restrictrions connected to Covid-19 pandemic. more ►

Czech Republic - Recognized Covid - 19 Vaccines


The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic listed the State of Israel among dark red countries - "with a very high risk" of infection of Covid-19 - Recognized Vaccines. more ►

Change in the extent of visa services in Tel Aviv - effective from 23 August 2021


Visa services at the Consular and Visa Section in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv are partially renewed as of June 1, 2020. At the same time, the Embassy has resumed the processing of applications lodged before the visa services… more ►

Resumption of notary services in Tel Aviv as of August 17, 2020


Starting 17.8.2020, the Consular Section of the Embassy resumes providing notary services for public. more ►

Conditions for entry to the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures from July 20th, 2020


This article provides important information for traveling to the Czech Republic for the duration of the state of emergency. more ►

Announcement for students and other visa applicants on continuous suspension of visa agenda at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv


Reopening of the Consular Section starting 18.05.2020


Starting 18.05.2020, the Consular Section of the Embassy reopens for public. Personal visit is possible only by appointment in all consular agendas. The Visa Section of the Embassy remains closed until further notice. more ►

Cancelation of office hours of the Visa and Consular Section


The Embassy of the Czech Republic cancels all office hours of the Visa and Consular Section of starting 30.03.2020. more ►

Complete Prohibition of Entry of Foreigners to the Czech Republic starting 16.03.2020 and Suspension of Visa Processing


In effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Government of the Czech Republic adopts strict measures regarding the entry of foreigners to the territory of the Czech Republic, as well as movement of the citizens of the Czech Republic… more ►