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Photo: ČEKK
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National Day Reception

Due to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechslovakia, we decided to organize the national day reception together with the Slovak Economic and Cultural Office. It´s highlight was untraditionally a concert. Because we could not wait, we held the reception already on the eve of St. Wencelas Day.

On September 27, we and our Slovak colleagues welcomed over 250 guests at the concert hall of O-bank at Neihu District, who came not only to celebrate our national days and commemorate the founding of Czechoslovakia, but also to enjoy a concert of the Czechoslovak Chamber Duo. The pianist Zuzana Beresova and the violinist Pavel Burdych performed some less known pieces of the renowned Czech and Slovak composers:


Leoš Janáček: Romance

Peter Machajdík: 1-9-1-8

Antonín Dvořák (arr. Kreisler) - Songs My Mother Taught Me

Béla Kéler: Memory of Bardejov, op. 31

Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský: Duhopol

Bedřich Smetana: From the Homeland No. 2

Josef Suk: Fairy Tale, op. 16

Beresova and Burdych delivered such a compelling performance that the audiences applauded for an additional piece – the folk song Lásko, bože lásko. We are grateful to the artists for such a thrilling experience, which surpassed the frequent musical accompaniment to social events to a full-bodied concert.


Our Slovak colleagues and us also exhibited the information panels on the year 1918 at the foyer of the premises.


Let us most dearly thank to all that came to congratulate us and spend this memorable event with us.


Recepce 2018