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Joint Statement on a Partnership against Coronavirus

We publish a statement between the two offices regarding the establishment of expert cooperation in the field of research and health technology in connection with the covid-19 pandemic. It is a legally non-binding document on unofficial and not governmental cooperation between experts dealing with various aspects of this pandemic.

Joint Statement of the Czech Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei and of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Prague on a Partnership against Coronavirus


To further strengthen consultation and cooperation on combating the COVID-19 virus, both offices will seek to mediate and to share best practices and cooperation on
a range of activities under a partnership that includes:


  • Research and development of rapid tests
  • Research and production of vaccines
  • Research and production of medicines
  • Research and transfer of technology of medical devices
  • Contact tracing and travel history
  • Exchanges on best practice and technology
  • Designated window for information sharing
  • Cooperation and exchanges of medical supplies and equipment


Czech Economic and Cultural                  Taipei Economic and Cultural

           Office in Taipei                                                Office, Prague

           Patrick Rumlar                                                Liang-Ruey Ke

           Representative                                                 Representative