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Public documents issued by Saudi, Omani, Bahraini and Yemeni authorities need to be officially translated for the use in the Czech Republic.

Official translation is a translation performed by a sworn translator according the Law no. 354/2019 Sb., on court interpreters and court translators of the Czech Republic.

The Embassy is not aware of any Czech  sworn translator from/to Arabic living and working in Saudi Arabia / Bahrain /Oman /Yemen.

Official sworn translators are to be found on the website of the Chamber of Court Translators of the Czech Republic or on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. The website is in the Czech language, but if you mark the option of „Tlumocnik“ and choose „Arabsky“ (Arabic) or „Anglicky“ (English) in the line of jazyk (language), and click on „Hledat záznamy“ (search), you will find a complete list of translators with contact information included (email and mobile phone numbers).

The Embassy does not translate documents; in the case of ordinary translations from Czech into English/English into Czech, it is possible for us to officially verify this translation. In this case, an e-mail must be sent in advance  with a  scan of the original and its translation (including the translation of all stamps on the document) for inspection.  Translations from / into Arabic are not officially certified by the Embassy.

For long term visa/stay applicants who do not speak English or Czech, a certified translator might be required. The translator must prove he/she is authorized to translate by presenting the original of the higher education certificate in English or any other document that can be aknowledged as a certificate of competency.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riyadh is aware of several translating agencies working with the Czech language which are stated below. Kindly note that the respective translating agencies are not working as sworn translators according the Czech Law.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic assumes responsibility neither for the accuracy of this information nor for the quality of the services rendered.

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Durrat Al Shmoua for Certified Translation -  dorrah.translation@gmail.com, info@dorrah.net (+966540009856)

Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Al Shanawani Translation Office - info@time4translation.com

Dr. Mohammed Jarrar - dr.jarrar1959@yahoo.com ( +966509757717)