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Weekend with Czech and Slovak films online on November 20-21, 2021

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga alongside the Embassy of Slovakia in Riga would like to invite you to the online weekend of Czech and Slovak cinema that is organized to mark the Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy that both our countries celebrate on 17th November. Czech Kawasaki´s Rose is mostly about difficult life-changing decisions and secrets re-emerging to the surface when we least want them. Slovak movie Intimate Enemy is a mystery thriller about that thin border between technologies mastering us or us mastering technologies.  

The online screening will take place on November 20-21, 2021.

"Everything will be forgotten and nothing will be undone," says the subtitle of the film Kawasaki's Rose.

The year is 2009. Pavel Josek, an eminent scientist and former dissident, is due to receive a state honour for bravery. During the filming of a television documentary about his life it comes to light that at the beginning of the 1970s – under pressure from the secret police – he played a part in the discrediting of a former friend, who was ultimately forced to emigrate. The film recounts events that took place over thirty years earlier without using a single flashback. The family drama sheds light on the practices employed by the secret police to discredit its opponents. An emotional story of guilt and atonement, the pitfalls of memory and the need for forgiveness.

Kawasaki's Rose is the first Czech or Slovak film to address the issue of collaboration with the former Czechoslovakia's bygone secret police. That history must still be raw for some who survived the era. But this movie is gentler in outlook, without raging recriminations or abject apologies... (National Public Radio U. S.)


The links are valid from Saturday November 20 (8 a.m.) till Sunday November 21 (midnight). 

Kawasaki's Rose: https://dafilms.cz/film/13954-kawasakiho-ruze

Intimate Enemy: https://vimeo.com/470613046/f45cd42164


Enjoy the films!




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Kawasaki (PDF, 474 KB)

Intimate Enemy (PDF, 154 KB)