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Photo: NATO
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NATO Foreign Ministers confirmed the united approach towards Russian aggression

The NATO Foreign Ministers deeply condemned the Russian invasion to Ukraine and its further escalating rhetoric towards NATO and the free and democratic world. The meeting held in Brussels on March 4, 2022 provided opportunity to express solidarity and support with Ukraine and to coordinate substantial assistance. Ministers also discussed the strengthening of NATO’s collective defence. 

Minister Lipavský denounced Russian invasion as unprovoked and unjustifiable, breaching international law and principles of humanity. He confirmed the political support as well as practical assistance to Ukraine and stressed that keeping united and resolute NATO-EU stance is the only way to stop the Russian aggression which we see as totally unacceptable.

“We have gone through the experience of being under the Soviet sphere of influence. In 1999 we joined NATO to never feel threatened again. NATO must be the guarantee of its members’ safety,” said Lipavský to his counterparts in Brussels.

Furthermore, Minister Lipavský expressed his strong support to further strengthening of the NATO’s Eastern Flank and the Czech Republic’s readiness to contribute to this effort. Furthermore, he advocated for speeding up the process of the Euro-Atlantic and European integration of the countries from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.