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Photo: Czech Nanoasociation
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Czech Nanotechnology presentation in Luxembourg - Tuesday 29 of March

Motto: „Czech advanced research in nanotechnologies and its successful transfer into commercial solutions “
The Czech Republic is one of the global leaders in research, development and industrial production based on nanotechnologies in various sectors, from scientific instrumentation, optics, through biotechnology to environmental applications, energy sector and beyond. Dynamic growth, based on outstanding applied research, is linked, among others, to long tradition and world-leading position in electron microscopy R&D and production, revolutionary nanofibre production machines or to the self-cleaning smart coatings containing titanium-dioxide nanocrystals which achieve the highest cleaning efficiency in the world.

The reason for this global success is a linkage of Czech top research centers with business community and the rapid application of innovations in practice. With the purpose to share the state of the art in research and business in both countries and create opportunities to discuss collaboration, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg together with the Czech Nanotechnology Industry Association would like to invite you to a presentation and networking event titled  „Czech advanced research in nanotechnologies and its successful transfer into commercial solutions “.

Date: Tuesday, 29th of March, 2022 from 9:00 to 13:30

Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic, 2, rond-point Schuman, Luxembourg (Glacis, the house of Pierre Werner)

Czech mission participants:

Prof. David Lukas - Technical University of Liberec
Prof. Michal Otyepka - RCPTM/PU Olomouc
Prof. Radek Zboril – RCPTM/PU Olomouc
Doc. Pavel Banas – CATRIN/PU Olomouc
Dr. Michal Urbanek – CEITEC/VUT Brno

Mr. Jiri Kus - Czech Nanotechnology Association
Ms. Marketa Klicova - NANOPHARMA
Mr. Ladislav Torcik - NanoTrade
Mr. Jan Jonas - FN NANO
Ms. Lada Tomeckova Vyvialova - Lada Vyvialova Creative Platform
Mr. Jarek Dolak - SVCS Process Innovation
Ms. Lucie Konecna - NanoSPACE
Mr. Michael Carvan - Lifetech
Mr. Rostislav Vana, Mr. Milos Hrabovsky – TESCAN Brno

In case of your interest, we ask you to kindly confirm your attendance before 27 March 2022 to:

We are looking forward to your participation!