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Criminal Records certificate

The Register of Criminal Records of the Czech Republic keeps records of natural persons who have been legally convicted by the courts, and upon a request issues an extract from the records.

An Criminal Records certificate (elsewhere called Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance certificate) can be requested:

  • - electronically at the Citizen Portal or via a data box (Czech citizens and some categories of residents of Czechia only),
  • - in person or by post at the office of the Register of the Criminal Records in the Czech Republic,
  • - in person at the CzechPOINT public administration center n the Czech Republic (municipal and municipal authorities, branches of the Czech Post Office, Chamber of Commerce, notaries),
  • - in person at the CzechPOINT public administration centers at some Embassies of the Czech Republic abroad or at consular departments of Embassies of the Czech Republic abroad (which are not CzechPOINT public administration centers).

Electronic processing:

The consular department of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kuala Lumpur is the CzechPOINT public administration center.  Please note that the time required to process your request may vary. In the case of citizens of the Czech Republic with valid travel or personal documents (passport or identity card) and foreigners with valid Czech residence permits (long-term visa or residence permit), the processing is imminent, in other cases the processing takes approximately two to three weeks.

The administrative fee for applying for an extract from the criminal record is 200 CZK (payment by card) or its equivalent in MYR in cash.

Please note that in order to use an extract from the criminal record abroad, it is usually necessary to have a higher level of verification (apostille or superlegalization). This embassy is unable to offer these services, as they take place in Prague.

Manual processing:

If the Czech Criminal Records Certificate is to be used abroad, the application needs to be processed manually by being sent to the Register of Criminal Records in the Czech Republic. Apostille can be arranged upon issuing the document, however, if superlegalization by the Embassy of a country where the document is to be used is required, its arrangement lies with the applicant.  

The above-mentioned service is provided during Consular office hours of the Embassy and charged according to Law No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees. Please make an appointment to be served.