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European Travel Information and Authorisation System

The rules of travel to Europe will change soon. Starting from October 2024, some 1.4 billion people from over 60 visa-exempt countries will be required to have a travel authorisation to enter most European countries.

However, this system called ETIAS is currently still not in operation and no applications are collected at this point.

Starting in October 2024, the European Commission will roll out a U.S. style electronic travel authorisation system for visitors from countries that are currently not part of the EU. These visitors have been granted visa-free access to the EU and Schengen member countries through virtue of their good track record on security issues and, thus, have not been deemed as a threat to EU security. However, the EU is wanting to strengthen its border security as well as digitally screen and track travellers entering and leaving EU countries.

ETIAS stands for the European Travel Information and Authorisation System. The system will check the security credentials and charge a fee to travellers visiting EU member countries for business, tourism, medical or transit purposes. Travellers who currently visit Europe visa-free are able to enter EU and Schengen Member countries cost-free and without any digital security screening prior to their arrival to Europe. ETIAS is not a visa, and is more accurately referred to as a visa-waiver. The ETIAS, like the ESTA, is a travel authorisation for travellers not requiring a visa to visit Europe. Under the ETIAS, these visitors will undergo additional security checks prior to being permitted to enter the EU. The ETIAS will be mandatory for citizens of such countries as the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Learn more about the various aspects and implications of ETIAS by visiting the FAQ.

Foreign nationals, who are currently required to have visas to travel to European countries, will still need to apply for Schengen visas.

For further information please visit following official websites:

ETIAS News & Information For Visitors Coming To Europe

ETIAS (europa.eu)

More information will be available before ETIAS will become operational in October 2024.