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We know what we have - Česká zbrojovka - Part 6

Newly we introduce the video presenting Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod by Tomáš Kopečný, Deputy of Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic for Industrial Cooperation. Česká zbrojovka, a.s. Founded in 1936, develops, manufactures, sells and provides small arms specially designed for the armed forces, armed forces, police and special forces; it provides the same services for sports and hunting purposes. At the same time, it also commercially complements and completes orders with accessories and materials.

Česká zbrojovka, the largest manufacturer of small arms in the Czech Republic and one of the most important arms companies in the world, celebrated 85 years since its founding in 2021. To mark this occasion, Ceska zbrojovka released two CZ limited anniversary edition firearms.


After Česká zbrojovka, was founded in 1992, pistols of the CZ 75/85 series became its backbone products for a longer period. It showed in a significant increase in production volumes as well as in extending the offer by other versions: special sport pistols, compact and subcompact pistols. So, already in the autumn of 2007, the ceremonial assembly of the millionth CZ 75 pistol took place, at that time still including all versions. The production volume of the standard size CZ 75/85 pistols exceeded one million manufactured pieces in 2014.



The second generation of new CZ assault rifles was created in cooperation with members of elite special units based on the experience with the combat deployment of CZ 805 BREN and with the use of modern development procedures. CZ BREN 2 is a top-class personal multi-calibre automatic firearm in calibres 5.56x45 NATO and 7.62x39 that can be configured according to mission requirements anywhere in the world. The first customer was the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.


Exceptional reference for Česká zbrojovka came in 2017, when The French elite anti-terrorist unit (GIGN) ordered 68 pieces of rifles CZ Bren 2. This deal is above all an excellent reference for the Czech manufacturer. Česká zbrojovka also prooved its skills and capabilities as a leading world gun maker by its recent acquisition of the Colt brand and became one of major players in the global firearms market.


Milan Dostal, Commercial and Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kuala Lumpur