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Statement of Czechia on the UN resolution regarding the situation in Gaza - Explanation of Vote
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Statement of Czechia on the UN resolution regarding the situation in Gaza - Explanation of Vote


Stated by Ambassador to the United Nations, Jakub Kulhánek, on May 10, 2024

Mr. President,

Let me right at the outset reiterate Czechia’s full support for the people of the West Bank and Gaza in their pursuit of political aspirations for their own future statehood. For this to be viable, it must be a result of a comprehensive peace agreement guaranteeing security, political stability and democratic development for both Israel and Palestine.

First and foremost, addressing the deep humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a matter of great urgency, as it is a critical element in any meaningful process leading to the future Palestinian state. Indeed, parts of the strip are still under the control of Hamas which launched its horrific terrorist attack on Israel on 7 October, triggering this war and resulting in its tragic consequences for thousands of civilians. We strongly support the Joint Statement issued by 18 UN member states’ leaders on 25 April which calls on Hamas to immediately release all hostages and pave the way for a ceasefire.

Mr. President,

Today we voted on a draft resolution that seeks to enhance the Palestinian status at the United Nations, after its application for a full UN membership was not recommended by the Security Council.

The people in the region deserve the prospect of a peaceful solution that will permanently resolve the conflict. But neither the UN membership nor enhanced rights at the United Nations alone can bring peace and prosperity to the Palestinians. Achieving peace requires more. It requires the courage to come together at the negotiating table and make difficult political decisions and compromises. And that is actually what we should all strive for.

In this regard, it is vital to re-establish a political horizon towards a two-state solution.  A negotiated agreement remains the only viable path to achieving lasting security and peace for all. We also encourage the region to embark on a path of cooperation, including through the Abraham accords, to foster a better future in the Middle East.

This GA resolution intends to bypass a highly complex political process through a decision that could potentially sow further divisions and hinder peace talks in an already very fragile conflict situation. Furthermore, it attempts to circumvent the established legal procedures for admission of new members to the United Nations family, by awarding rights and privileges of a member state to an observer. This is in contradiction with the intention of the UN Charter.

Mr. President,

Precisely for these reasons, Czechia was not in a position to support the draft resolution, and voted no.