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Moldova has been one of the Czech Republic’s foreign policy priorities. In the Development Cooperation Strategy 2010 – 2017, Moldova is included among the highest priority countries, the ones with a jointly agreed cooperation programme.

In spite of substantial economic growth in recent years, Moldova ranked no. 111 out of 187 countries in the world according to the Human Development Index in 2011. The economic and social situation in Moldova has been marked with a long-term decline of the industrial production, unemployment and the departure of a significant part of the workforce to other countries. The cooperation between Moldova and the Czech Republic is based on the results of previous development cooperation to date, as well as on the persisting development needs of the country.

Within development cooperation, the Czech Republic has had significant presence in Moldova since 2001, providing assistance particularly in social development (improvement of the quality of living, targeted social assistance), in water supply and sanitation (exploitation of water resources and introduction of waste management), in agriculture (improving competitiveness and effectiveness) as well as in the environment (decontamination and alleviation of environmental burdens). In 2011, the Czech Republic provided Moldova with development aid worth 4.3 million USD.

In accordance with the Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2010 – 2017 Moldova belongs to the highest category of the partner countries, among priority countries with a development programme framework. The main focus of the Czech Republic´s development cooperation is in the following sectors:

  • social infrastructure and services;
  • water supply and sanitation – including waste management;
  • environmental protection;
  • agriculture;
  • government and civil society.

Czech Development Cooperation in Moldova consists of:

  • Bilateral and trilateral projects managed by the Czech Development Agency.
  • Local small scale projects under the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau.
  • Aid for Trade projects under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
  • Scholarships provided by the Czech government.


Development_coop_programme_MD_2011_2017 150 kB pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) Mar 5, 2013