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Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina has been one of the Czech Republic’s foreign policy priorities for a long time. That is why in the Development Cooperation Strategy 2010 – 2017 it has been included in the highest category of the priority countries, the countries with a cooperation programme.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 81st in the Human Development Index, with 14% of the population living below the poverty line. The country continues to struggle economically and politically following the war. Aside from the negative impact on the country’s infrastructure, the conflict also displaced more than two million people. The situation is further complicated by ethnic tension.

Taking into consideration several factors, among them the existing results of the development cooperation, a long track record of friendly relations between the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina and latter’s interest in acquiring some of the experience that the Czech Republic had with the transition processes and EU accession, the framework Programme of Development Cooperation 2011 – 2017 was approved. The Programme’s main aim is to improve the economic and social situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to support its bid for EU accession.

The Czech development cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is concentrated on the following priority sectors:

  • Government and civil society.
  • Water supply and sanitation.
  • General environmental protection.
  • Energy generation and supply.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing.
  • Health.

The Czech development cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of:


Programme of Development Cooperation 2011-17 BiH-CZ 161 kB doc (Word document) Jan 3, 2013