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Preparation of civilian experts for international community missions and operations


Most of the sending countries, Czech Republic notwithstanding, struggle with the lack of skilled and well-prepared experts for such missions. Therefore, one of the challenges the Czech Republic faces is the need to strengthen the field of crisis management preparedness for civilian experts who are being seconded into international missions and operations.

At the same time, the involvement in the missions realized in the Balkans and the ISAF mission in Afghanistan provided the Czech Republic with valuable experience. Given the fact that the number of such missions is expected to rise in the future, it is in Czech Republic’s interest to make use of the gained knowledge in order to create a team of experts who could bridge the gap between the requirements for civil experts and our current possibilities.

In 2012, the MFA started a programme preparing Czech experts for civilian missions and operations. Among the participants are civil servants who possess the expertise in certain domains (law, agriculture, construction, project management), but also retired policemen and soldiers who have certain experience from military missions and are interested in working in the civilian branch.

In this regard, the MFA organizes a two-week preparation course for the interested experts every year. One week theoretical training, organized in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy, focuses on conflicts in the current world, roles of international actors (NATO, EU) in preventing and management of crises, civilian-military relations, team building, development assistance, cooperation with local nongovernmental organisations, or capacity-building (reforms of justice, civil service, or civil society).