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Transportation of the cremated remains

The transportation of an urn with ashes to the Czechia is possible.

The transportation of an urn with ashes to the Czech Republic is possible. No permission is required. The citizenship of the deceased is not decisive.

The Consulate is not formally involved in the process of transportation of cremated remains to the Czechia and no consular fee is charged.

However, the Czech law requires that the dignity of the deceased person should be respected during the transportation, handling and storage of the urn.

Generally, you will need following documents:

- original of the death certificate

- original certificate of cremation

Document from the funeral home stating that the urn contains the cremated ashes of the deceased is also recommended.

The urn should be made from x-ray permeable material, such as plastic or wood to allow the security and customs inspection.

According to the TSA, ashes and cremated remains must travel through the X-ray machine just like all other baggage.  The TSA recommends that you use a lightweight urn made of wood, biodegradable materials (like paper) or plastic when flying with ashes. Any funeral home will help you to chose a proper urn.

 Urns to avoid for air travel:

    Metal urns
    Ceramic urns (for the most part because they are fragile)
    Marble/Stone urns

In case you are in possession of the urn, we recommend contacting the airline company, which you are travelling with. They will provide you with the exact instructions. Anyway, we would recommend arriving at the airport early in case of any delay at security.

United States Postal Service (USPS) could also ship the cremation ashes - Cremated remains | USPS News Link

Private international shipping companies usually refuse transportation of urn with ashes.

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