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Way of Payments for Consular Procedures

As of May 3, 2021, the Consular Section of the Czech Embassy in Bogotá also accepts payments by credit / debit card.

The Consular Section accepts payments in cash (in Colombian pesos or US dollars) or by credit / debit card (preferred form of payment). Most cards are accepted, Visa, MasterCard, etc., except American Express.

Card payments are charged at fixed prices in Czech crowns. Only Schengen visa application procedures are charged in euros. The exchange rate is defined by the card issuing bank and according to the change on the day of payment. For this reason, the final amount of the card payment may vary slightly in pesos or dollars compared to the cash rates (it may increase due to bank costs). Some selected rates are paid only in cash (COP / USD), for example, payments for postal shipments.