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Innovative Czech Start-ups at the Tech Crunch Disrupt Berlin 2018

12 innovative Czech Start-ups will participate in the Tech Crunch Disrupt, which will take place in the Arena Berlin from 29. to 30. November 2018. We cordially invite you to visit one of the most important and prestigious event of the Start-up community in the world.

The Czech Republic will officially participate in the Tech Crunch Disrupt Berlin. The participation is organised by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin, Investment and Business Development Agency CzechInvest, Prague Startup Centre and Czech ICT Alliance. We invite you to visit the „Czech Pavillon“, where you can meet and discuss possibilities of cooperations with the following twelve Czech Start-ups:

Sharry Europe

Sharry Europe is a company developing innovative software for premium office buildings. They create mobile apps and content for digital signage. They are specialists for the integration of smart solutions such as parking or shared services. Sharry created an open digital platform, which means that apart from the basic version of the app, every building can integrate any services that fit the needs of their tenants. The apps are currently running in Campus 6 (Bucharest), Generation Park (Warsaw), High 5ive (Krakow), Mill Park (Budapest), Visionary (Prague), etc.


Ackee develops mobile and web apps for clients as for example Skoda Auto, T-Mobile, Total, Dáme Jídlo, Delivery hero, Calvin Klein, etc. They also teach programming courses for iOS at ČVUT University. Ackee has expanded successfully to the German market last year and won a tender for the new mobile app for Bundestag. They also succeeded in a grant contest Ethereum Foundation, a foundation supporting development of the same named cryptocurrency and they are going to develop universal tool working for future mobile apps.

VIP Trust

The company developing mobile and web apps for domestic and foreign clients. They use state-of-the-art technologies to achieve developing a stable, innovative and successful product. We are providing our project work using the models of fix time/fix price, outsourcing, or body shop.


Pixelmate specializes in mobile and web app development. They provide IT services tailored to your needs, from project proposal and design through programming to testing and long-term operation. They are primarily focused on cooperation with startups to build new projects.


Leadspicker gets you all the startup leads you to need, whether you're an accelerator, innovation lab, or anyone else. So you can focus on what you do the best. We have developed an advanced Natural Language Processing classifier which, through deep learning, will be able to efficiently determine whether some recently created web is a web of an innovative startup company or not. This classifier in conjunction with advanced web crawler will be able to find most newly created startups on the global scale that are not in any database yet.


Provides development of online software platforms and offers consultation in the field of UX, as for organizations so for individual clients. Their main aim is to provide the development of innovative products. The other activities are mainly for example server for the funding of these products.

Pocket Virtuality

Pocket Virtuality is a privately owned Czech start-up focused on the development of sophisticated systems for VR/AR. primarily focusing on client-server apps in engineering and medicine. Co-founders of the company are veterans of the gaming industry with 15 years of experience in the field of simulation, computer graphics, and mobile marketing.


Is virtual reality engineering company building high-resolution VR headsets for professionals relying on the best-in-class visual quality. VRGineers latest VR headset, XTAL, is a smart headset for professional designers, engineers, architects, and simulation professionals. This product is using famous automotive brands as for example Škoda, BMW and Tesla.

StatusDroid s.r.o.

Innovative monitoring approach using machine-learning techniques is able to detect problems before they become a downtime. Instead of scanning just one selected website URL, we monitor the website from many different angles. Webmasters just enter a website name and notification contact, which maximally simplifies setup process for them. When a technical problem occurs, Statusdroid sends notification to webmaster and at the same time automatically posts an apology message to website’s public status page, Facebook page, Twitter and switches off Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. This way we save owner’s money and good reputation.

Your Solution s.r.o.

e-jobin is an online based application/service, which allows companies to perform psychodiagnostic evaluation of their job candidates or employees.

e-jobin leverages unique and flexible psychodiagnostic method supported by years of field experience, packed in an AI-driven automated online solution, which delivers professional psychologic profiles of participants for recruitment or personal development purposes.

SmartGuide s.r.o.

SmartGuide turns every phone into a private guide. Our platform provides attractions and local guides with the easiest way to digitize and monetize their guide content. We publish it as an interactive app that uses geolocation, audio and Augmented Reality to guide travelers like a live guide. SmartGuide disrupts traditional guides and revolutionizes how people experience new places during their travels.

UNIOSO s.r.o.

All-in-one system that covers the full range of your business needs. You can use applications such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Project, Discuss, Manufacturing, Invoicing, Employees and HR management, e-Commerce, Websites, Blog and many others.

Autor: Mr. Petr Jaroš, 1. Secretary, Economic and Business Section, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Germany