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Photo: Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing
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Standing strong. Standing with Ukraine.

From the beginning, the Czech Republic has fundamentally condemned Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine, which is an independent, peaceful and democratic country.

This aggression represents a clear violation of the UN Charter and has brought immense suffering and destruction to Ukraine and its people. The Czech Republic will continue to provide extensive assistance to the attacked country.

Apart from a heavy military support, Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Lipavský commented on other plans. "Czechia has also post-war support for Ukraine in mind. Through the Ukraine Reconstruction Program the Czech Government approved last year, we will engage Czech Companies, NGO's, and the public and academic sectors in the stabilization and reconstruction pricesses in Ukraine. 500 million CZK will be allocated to this program annualy through 2025, funded by EU programs and other large donors".


Velvyslanectví stojí za Ukrajinou