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How to register for appointment to apply for long-term visa or long-term residency permits (all types, except Employee Card and Seasonal Work)

The rules for registration of an appointment (long-term visa or long-term residency permits) are for applicants from provinces, which belong under the consular jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing.

These registration rules are for all other types visas or permits, except Employee Card or Seasonal Work (who have different booking system, described in detail in the article: New Rules of Registration for long-term visa or long-term residency permits - only for Employee Card or Seasonal Work).

For territorial jurisdiction, please see the information on the webpages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For information about supporting documents, which are necessary for your type of long-term visa or residence permit, please see the webpages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Only when you will have ALL your documents ready for submission (i.e. documents confirming your stay from Czech Republic, Chinese documents verified by Apostille and translated into Czech language), send your e-mail with request for appointment.

Applicants must send their e-mail requesting an appointment to: Beijing.Visa@mzv.gov.cz / This is the only inbox for allocation of appointments!

The rule: one applicant = one e-mail

Only one accepted exception is for an under-age child, who is applying together with his/her legal representative. Only parents can write their names in the e-mail and inform how many children will be applying together with them.

E-mail requests for an appointment date are sorted to one unlimited line by the date/hour/ minute and second of delivery to the mailbox.

The Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy is not authorised in any way to interfere, change the position or influence the position of applicant's registration. Set appointments are fixed and they cannot be changed, either by the applicant or the Embassy.

Applicants cannot apply for a specific appointment date for submitting the application. The exact appointment date for submitting the application will be notified within few days by an e-mail to the applicant.

Requests for change of the application date or the type of visa will not be answered by the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy. If the applicant is not able to come to the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy in the previously scheduled and reserved date and time, he/she must send another request to reserve a completely new term by a new e-mail.

E-mail request for the appointment has to be written in Czech or English language and in the first line (subject/theme) must be clearly written the applicant's name and surname + type of visa or residence permit. The e-mail must further contain the following obligatory data:

- Applicant's first and last name

- Passport number

- Type of visa or residence permit the applicant is applying for

- Contact details of the applicant (e-mail, telephone)

- Scanned copy of the passport’s data page - only the page with photograph of the applicant! (and only in the following formats: PDF, DOC, JPEG and JPG)

- Scanned copy of the Chinese visa, if applicant is from a third country. Only those applicants, who have been lawfully and continuously residing in China for at least two years, could apply.

- Scanned copy of the main document, showing the purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic – usually: confirmation of admission to a university (reason: Study); working contract (reason: Blue card, Highly Qualified Personnel, Intra-Company Transfer); Business Register statement (reason: Business); marriage or birth certificate (reason: Family reunion); etc. --- please note that only first page is required for that purpose (and only in the following format: PDF, DOC, JPEG and JPG).

Without the above listed information and attachments your email will not be processed further and your appointment will not be completed!

Beware! Do not send any other supporting documents for your application. All documents must be submitted in original during your appointment date. Do not send any further information or details to your e-mail (it's booking e-mail only with limited capacity).

Only applicants with confirmed appointment for long-term visa or long-term residency permit will be able to apply in person on appointed date and time at the Consular and Visa Section of the Czech Republic in Beijing. When you receive the email confirmation of your appointment, please print it and bring it with you.