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Humanitarian Aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Helped Ukrainian Refugees with Shelter and Medical Care

The Czech Republic has actively been providing aid to Ukraine since the first day of Russian aggression. In addition to supplying weapons and military equipment and receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees or voluntary collections of citizens, we provided humanitarian aid to people affected by the war directly in Ukraine and in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided assistance worth more than 420 million Czech crowns (CZK) - that is approximately 19 million USD or 660 million THB.

"We are commemorating one year since Russia decided to start a war. That moment shook our faith that war in Europe was inconceivable and plunged millions of Ukrainians into a humanitarian crisis. The Czech Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been actively providing assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict and intends to continue doing so as long as necessary," said Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided financial assistance in the following areas:

Shelters – From the beginning of the war, Ukraine immediately faced a housing crisis, with a large amount of destroyed civilian residential buildings.  The Ministry has allocated CZK 70 million destined to address this crisis in the form of modular accommodation units, sophisticated tent dwellings or vehicles for evacuation from places destroyed by Russian aggression, among other areas;

Medical Equipment – Of the Ministry’s humanitarian aid, this is a significant area, totaling CZK 101.5 million. With these funds, it was possible to purchase material and medical equipment for hospitals, ambulances, and buses as well as communication equipment for medical units. The Czech provision of trauma kits and tools for performing emergency medical procedures on the battlefield were key;

Energy – CZK 68 million was earmarked for the purchase of propane butane heaters (including propane butane bottles), energy-saving appliances and repairs to damaged energy infrastructure;

Aid to Refugees from Ukraine in Moldova – CZK 70 million was allocated to mitigate the effects of the humanitarian crisis of refugees who took refuge in Moldova from the war. The funds were used to ensure regular hot meals, distribution of personal hygiene products, and school supplies for refugee children;

Other Aid and Aid through International Organizations – CZK 113.1 million was allocated for direct financial and material support, for the financing of community soup kitchens and the transport of humanitarian aid to places where it was and is most needed.

Not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the entire Czech government is determined to continue persistently supporting Ukraine in its efforts to restore peace, territorial integrity and stability in the region. "We will support Ukraine as long as necessary. Allies in NATO and the EU are united around this position. We do this not only to protect Ukrainian sovereignty and territorital integrity, but also in the interest of upholding the rules-based international order," added the Minister.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with other ministries, is preparing for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, through the Reconstruction Program for Ukraine, which the government approved last year. This will enable significant involvement of Czech companies, non-profit organizations, and the public and academic sectors in the stabilization and restoration of Ukraine. Until 2025, CZK 500 million will be allocated to this program annually, which will be funded by programs financed by the EU and other large donors.


Source: https://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/issues_and_press/humanitarian_aid_from_the_ministry_of.html