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Medical insurance for stay longer than 90 days

Applicants who receive an approval for a visa longer than 90 days (long term visa) have to submit a travel medical insurance for a comprehensive medical care in the Czech Republic for the entire period of their stay. Applicants for an employee card have to submit a basic and emergency medical care insurance for the first 30 days of their stay (before they become a part of public medical insurance plan).

Comprehensive plan has to include coverage for at least 400 000 EUR and include preventive and dispensary care and care in case of pregnancy and childbirth. Applicant is also allowed to book the basic and emergency care plan for first 90 days of his/her stay and provide the comprehensive plan for the rest of the period.

Basic and emergency care has to include coverage for at least 30 000 EUR and may not exclude the provision of insurance benefits in the event of an accident that occurred due to the intentional act, culpability or co-culpability of the insured, or as a result of the consumption of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances.

This insurance can be arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate this insurance in the territory of the Czech Republic or in other EU member states / states bound by the Treaty on the European Economic Area (EEA) or in the home state. The insurance contract submitted has to be in Czech language or have an official translation to Czech.

More information can be found here: https://www.mvcr.cz/clanek/obcane-tretich-zemi-nektere-nalezitosti-zadosti-doklad-o-cestovnim-zdravotnim-pojisteni-pri-pobytu-delsim-nez-90-dnu.aspx