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Czechia sends hundreds of heavy military systems worth tens of billions to Ukraine during the first year of Russian invasion

In the first year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Czechia has delivered dozens of tanks, combat and armoured vehicles and other heavy military systems to Ukraine. Roughly one third of the material came from the Czech Army, the rest was supplied by Czech defence companies. The market price of the training and equipment provided directly to Ukraine by Czechia amounts to roughly CZK 10 billion. Another CZK 30 billion worth of material was sent to Ukraine on the basis of licences issued to Czech manufacturers of military equipment and ammunition. Further CZK 1.5 billion was contributed directly by Czech citizens who organised collections. Thanks to the above, Czechia has received military equipment and financial donations from its allies that roughly correspond in value to the funds spent helping Ukraine.

"Apart from that, Czechia also has post-war support for Ukraine in mind. Through the Ukraine Reconstruction Program the Czech government approved last year, we will engage Czech companies, NGOs, and the public and academic sectors in the stabilization and reconstruction processes in Ukraine. 500 million Czech Crowns will be allocated to this program annually through 2025, funded by EU programs and other large donors," Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Lipavský said.


In the first year of the invasion, the Czech Republic has helped Ukraine by deciding to supply military equipment from stocks of its armed forces, by releasing funds for the purchase of necessary material and equipment and by organising military training. The total market value of the aid amounts to approximately CZK 10 billion. In addition, citizens also contributed to the military aid to Ukraine, raising CZK 1.55 billion through crowdfunding. The money collected was used for the purchase of, among other things, RM-70 Vampire rocket launchers, the famous “Tomas the tank”, and Viktor anti-aircraft and anti-drone systems.