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Photo: Marie Nwanyanwu
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Energy, Agriculture and Waste Management - a Wide Range of Opportunities in Cameroon

Cameroon, which derives its name from the "Rio dos Camarões" (river of shrimps), the name given by Portuguese sailors to the local river Wouri, is not only brimming with this delicacy. The country, rich in tropical crops and solid minerals, is a rare enclave of a bilingual Francophone-Anglophone society. Cameroon is the strongest economy in the Central African Monetary Zone and, after Nigeria, the second most important trading partner of the Czech Republic among the countries covered by the Czech Embassy in Nigeria. However, there is still room for development, especially in the area of trade. The Republic of Cameroon has long been interested in collaboration with the Czech Republic, as confirmed by the recent visit of the Czech Ambassador Zdeněk Krejčí. Meetings with representatives of the government, local authorities and the private sector demonstrated the continuing hunger to deepen Czech-Cameroonian trade ties in various sectors. Energy, agriculture and aquaculture, mining, infrastructure development, waste management, as well as flood barriers and urban transport, were the topics that resonated most frequently at the meetings.

Energy Industry

Energy sources and corresponding infrastructure are certainly not just a Cameroonian issue, but the need to electrify rural areas is very pressing here. Cameroonians in particular are demanding more efficient smart solutions for communities and remote rural areas. These include smaller hydroelectric plants, mini-grids, smart grids, solar panels or renewable energy sources.

King of Bakoko Wouri and Ambassador

King of Bakoko Wouri and Ambassador

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Cameroon is one of the few African countries with which the Czech Republic has a long-term negative trade balance due to export of tropical fruits. Unsurprisingly, the agricultural sector is at the forefront of the country's interests. The government is seeking to stop the exodus of young people from villages and the agricultural sector, to modernise technology and techniques in the agricultural and food processing industries, to ensure the country's food security and self-sufficiency and, last but not least, to involve local producers in international trade.

Ambassador at the Farm

Ambassador at the Farm

Mining and Minerals

The Ministry of Mining, Industry and Technological Development has already expressed interest in the possibilities of developing cooperation. Cameroon would welcome any cooperation in the field of mining, mineral processing, mining machinery and technology transfer.

Potential of the City of Douala

The Mayor of Douala has shown great interest in cooperation in several sectors. In particular, there is interest in infrastructure projects and the development of the city's inadequate transport. The Douala 3 port district identifies three potential areas of cooperation: drainage of the port district and flood barriers, as the city faces regular flooding in this area; low-cost housing for the low-income population; and technology and machinery suitable for waste management.

Ambassador with the Deputy Mayor of Douala

Ambassador with the Deputy Mayor of Douala

Czech companies interested in investing or doing business in Cameroon can contact the Czech Embassy in Nigeria as well as the Honorary Consulate in Douala. Supporting Czech efforts to deepen relations with one of the most promising countries in Central Africa is one of the Embassy's priorities.


Author: Mrs. Marie Nwanyanwu, Economic Diplomat, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Nigeria