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Photo: Beata Matusiková
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Czech defense industry attracts African armed forces

A number of African countries, including Nigeria, Gabon and Togo, have shown a long-term interest in the products of the Czech defense and security industry. This "family silver" of the Czech republic in the entire spectrum of its products can respond to the demand of individual types of troops and armed forces of the mentioned countries, which their representatives could see both during visits to individual companies and at the military fair-trade Future Forces Forum held on 16th – 21st  October 2022 in Prague.

As part of the one-week long tailor-made program African delegations visited the Czech companies AERO Vodochody, Bowenite, Aircraft Industries, Bristell, Česká zbrojovka, Tatra Trucks, VOP Šenov u Nové Jičín, Excalibur Army, Era, Retia , Aviation Training Center, LOM Prague, Primoco, OMNIPOL. The goal of the mission was to follow up on the successful initial negotiations that representatives of Czech companies had already completed on site by African partners, and to visit personally selected Czech companies, to explore on the spot their possibilities in the defense and security sector and explore opportunities for cooperation. By visiting a number of Czech companies, and especially by participating in the defense and security technology fair Future Forces Forum 2022, the African representatives of the armed forces were clearly impressed and appreciated the capabilities of Czech and other manufacturers.

Due to the lack of knowledge of the level of technical proficiency of golden Czech hands and their experience mainly with French, Russian and Chinese products, the African delegation was delighted with the presented Czech products, which they appreciated the very high technological level and quality. With regard to the interest in ensuring the security of their countries, the engagement of their armed forces in UN missions and the situation in the Sahel, the doors are therefore opening wide for the Czech defense and security sector in this territory. Now, these are the final details of the first few contracts, which will hopefully be followed by others.

The visit, which took place in a friendly spirit, was another successful materialization of Czech efforts to deepen relations with several perspective countries in the region of sub-Saharan Africa, not only in terms of raw materials, with which it will be worth maintaining good relations.


Author: Mgr. Beata Matusiková, MBA, economic diplomat, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Nigeria


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